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Radicals and Labor
Hierarchy in the Workplace
Shorter Hours
Labor Day/May Day
Occupational Safety and Health
Construction Trades
Women at Work and in the Labor Movement
African-Americans, Labor and Race

Note: there are a number of topical listings within the chronological page on this site.
Here is a list of some topics available there, within specific chroonological time frames.
Native American Labor
Indentured Servants
Slave Labor
Asian Labor (and reaction to) in the late 19th century
U.S. Sweatshops/Child Labor late 19th-early 20th
Miners and mine strikes
Labor and Religion in 19th century
Radicals of the Early 20th century labor movement
Global Labor

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The system, simplified:

capitalism pyramid

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Primary Sources /Bibliography

Industrial Workers of the World  (see chronological page as well)   

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Repression then and now




Ads from a St. Louis business journal

posse_comitatus 1900 streetcar strike



Members of the St. Louis Posse Comitatus in the 1900 streetcar strike, organized by the St. Louis businessmen's Citizen's Industrial Alliance. (large pdf file)



Special Response Corporation Guards taping workers

Special Response Corporation Guards Taping locked out Celanese workers at the plant gates, Meredosia, Illinois, 2005. SRC's owners in Meredosia videotapes children outside the homes of locked out workers to raise the tensions of workers, in a common tactic used--provoke violence in order to get stronger injunctions

Securing Hierarchy: Scientific Management and Labor Divisions

How to Deal

"scientific" management for women( pdf )

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Shorter hours & unemployment

IWW poster

IWW Poster, date unknown

Labor Day

May Day

Occupational Safety and Health



Construction Trades

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Laborers' International Union timeline history /also videos on-line

IBEW history

IWW discussion of the organization of the trades in 1920s

Sisters in the Brotherhood -- Latest construction news, news releases, and information relating to tradeswomen in the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. Plus news on minority and women owned contractors, EEO, OFCCP, and Affirmative Action relating to the construction industry.


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Women at Work and In the Labor Movement 







  • What the pay gap costs families: Equal pay has been the law since 1963, but the reality has not caught up with the law
  • Gender Pay Gap by Occupation 
  • Gender Gap of Earnings    Navigate to about midway through the webpage, go to Race and Sex, then see paragraph and charts beginning with “News on the Gender Gap”  and through to the end of that section on women. The source of the information is at the bottom of the page

Some documents: see others in chronology page


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American-Labor History—20th century

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  On-Line look at Union Labels

History of Migration and Immigration Laws in the United States

United Construction Workers Association politics of fair employment in Seattle

Filipino Cannery Unionism Across Three Generations 1930s-1980s

Farmworker Organizing in Washington

Children & Youth in America: A Documentary History on-line book that includes much about child labor and apprenticeships

Jewish Labor Committee The Jewish voice in the labor movement, and the voice of the labor movement in the Jewish community.