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Mother Jones "Sit down
and read.

Educate yourself for the coming conflict.


--Mother Jones,
labor organizer, 1837-1930





Research Portals

Information portals with significant contributions to labor history. (A number of other research portals are categorized within topical or chronological pages on this site)

Digitized Collections of primary sources

While this site links many primary source materials organized by topic or chronology on other pages, here I will begin to list sites with significant amounts of digitized on-line materials. I am just starting this section, so check back later for more materials.

Guides to Primary Source Materials

I am just beginning this section, so check back later for more listings


Labor Terms & Quotes

Organizations of Labor History

Journals in the Field

Labor history is American history, global history, business history, women's history, and African-American history, etc. So any thorough search on a topic would include a search on JSTOR and other academic library search engines for the appropriate articles in the field.