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Action alerts for labor history

Labor News of the Day

LabourStart: where trade unionists start their day on the net

Telling Labor's Story: LAWCHA page on current issues

Resources for Union Organizing Employee Free Choice Act

Center for Labor Renewal

Economic Policy Institute American Rights at Work

Working Class Studies Blog Contemporary Labor Bibliography (Kim Scipes' Bibliography- terrific links)

Union Steward Blogspot

Understanding the Real Unemployment Rate


Inequality of Wealth

Working Group on Extreme Inequality graphs, explanations, good source

Executive PayWatch (AFL-CIO)

United for a Fair Economy

Labor Project for Working Families

Gender Pay Gap by Occupation

Economic Policy Institute American Rights at Work

Income Inequality chart



Inequality of wealth

Gender Inequity

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We Squeeze the life





WalMart Watch

Wal-Mart: the High Cost of Low Price (film)


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Repression of Rights/Labor Law


Special Response Corporation

Special Response Corporation, ad for 1991 New York Newspaper Strike

Shorter hours

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Health and Safety

16 deaths per day -video and action alert  


Global Economy