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Help the drive to get a postage stamp for Eugene Debs and Mother Jones

Contact: Steve Fesenmaier
West Virginia Labor History Association
907 Churchill Circle
Charleston, WV 25314
work - 8:45 am- 5 PM (304) 558-3978 ext. 2015

West Virginia Labor History Association to petition U.S. Postal Service
to create stamps for Labor Leaders - Mother Jones and Eugene Debs

[Charleston, WV November 9, 2005] The West Virginia Labor History
Association board of directors has unanimously voted to support a
nationwide campaign to petition the U.S Postal Service to create
commemorative stamps in honor of two American labor leaders - Mother
Jones and Eugene Debs. They are doing this in collaboration with
Sanford Berman, a leading activist and librarian from Minnesota.

During the last few years Mr. Berman, with support from members of the
WVLHA, has petitioned the Library of Congress to create WV-related
subject headings including "mountaintop removal mining," "West Virginia
Mine Wars, 1897-1921" and "The Battle of Blair Mountain, 1921." These
heading were created by Mr. Thompson Yee, chief of the Cataloging Policy
and Support Office (CPSO) of the Library of Congress.

Mr. Berman, as a world-renowned expert on libraries and labor history,
has been waiting decades for a commemorative stamp for Mother Jones and
Eugene Debs. Many people believe that such stamps have already been
issued. They have not.

The WVLHA and Mr. Berman are asking everyone to write the U.S. Postal
Service to request stamps be printed in honor of Mother Jones and Eugene

To do you, please send a letter or post card to the following address:

Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee:
Stamp Development;
U.S. Postal Service
1735 North Lynn St. Rm. 5013
Arlington, VA.22209-6432

Mr. Berman is also requesting that if you do, send him a copy at -

Sanford Berman
4400 Morningside Road
Edina, Mn. 55416
952- 925-5738

He has already mailed 80 copies of his own letter and WVLHA's plus
documentation on the lives of Mother Jones and Eugene Debs to
organizations and individuals around the country. Please join us in
honoring American labor leaders by sending a letter or postcard.

West Virginia Labor History Association
P. O. Box 5156
Charleston, WV 25361
President: Dr. Fred Barkey
1599A Quarrier Street
Charleston, WV 25311